April 17, 2016

Wedding season here in Charlotte starts early and ends late, usually April-October for me.  Must be because of the beautiful weather!  Either way, its always good to get started, its gonna be a long season for me!  From now until the time I leave for Colorado, every Sa...

March 13, 2016

Very rarely do I get the night off from the symphony.  Since there is only one harp (me) in the CSO, I am usually on every concert. 


When I first heard that Boyz II Men was coming to sing with the CSO, my inner 90s child screamed and immediately got tickets for me...

February 10, 2016

I didn't grow up a huge football fan. Hell, I didn't even understand the game until my boyfriend finally sat me down and explained it.  I'm a baseball/softball girl through and through and think there is nothing better than beer and baseball at the BB&T ballpark watchi...

February 5, 2016

After the Charlotte Happenings article came out in February, I had the wonderful opportunity to promote it and the Charlotte Symphony on TV!  I'd never been on a TV set before, let alone TV so I was in awe (in the completely nerdy star-struck way).  It ended up being j...

February 2, 2016

Being in the CSO has its perks. Aside from the fact that I love my job and get to play harp for a living, I also get to promote the CSO.  Sometimes this promoting is just talking to a reporter, or playing for a CSO donor event.  This promotion though, took the cake.  I...

December 23, 2015

Christmas is a wonderful, but VERY busy time for musicians.  We kicked off December with a run of the Charlotte Symphony's Magic of Christmas show.  So many people came to get in the Christmas spirit, including my adorable student Ella Grace and her mom! We then kicked...

December 13, 2015

Not only is December Christmas time, but in recent years I've also been fortunate enough to play for weddings during the holiday season.  Typical wedding season for me is April-October, but its nice to play them outside of those months.  This lavish wedding at the Ritz...

December 3, 2015

I've played at some pretty gorgeous places, but this house in the Quail Hollow area of Charlotte just might take the cake.  I was contacted by a real estate agent to play background music at the broker's luncheon of a house that just went on the market. I was set up in...

November 21, 2015

St. Mary's Chapel is one of my favorite wedding venues in Charlotte and truly a gem of the city.  It's quaint, charming, and so intimate.  It was the perfect place for Jon and Jennifer's wedding.  I love seeing two people come together, but even more, two families.  Je...

November 10, 2015

I recently played for an incredible company called SkyFold.  To me, its as futuristic as it sounds.  SkyFold creates and install soundproofing foldable retractable walls.  For their 5,000th installation, I demonstrated the soundproofing abilites at their installation i...

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