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Hurricanes don't care about weddings

Usually I get brides that book me about 6 months in advance. Sometimes I get the last-minute bride that books me the week before (or even the day before). Even rarer is the bride and her mom who are so organized that she books me a year and a half in advance! Meagan and Mary were just this. So efficient and organized, it made me want to clean up my inbox (j/k that'll never happen) and bust out the vacuum cleaner.

But, even with all their preparation for a beautiful outdoor wedding on the great lawn of the Ballantyne Country Club, Hurricane du jour didn't care and rained out Meagan's wedding. Luckily, she was smart enough to plan for a backup location (ALWAYS PLAN A RAIN LOCATION) and we had the lovely wedding inside. If you ask me, seeing Meagan walk down the grand staircase led by her father was prettier than anything I could have imaginied outdoors.

Musical Selections:

Prelude: Danny Boy

Seating of the Mothers: Ave Maria by Schubert

Bridesmaids: Canon in D by Pachelbel

Bridal: "Here Comes the Bride"

During the Ceremony: Dance of the Blessed Spirits by Gluck

Recessional: Wedding March by Mendelssohn

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