Blast from the Past

April 18, 2016


 I never expected to end up in Charlotte. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE it now, but as a northerner, I never expected to end up south of DC.  Imagine my surprise when I reconnect with a lovely couple who have known me since before birth, in Charlotte, of all places! 


Frank and Mary Ann Archer worked closely with my parents at the Met Opera in New York.  So close, in fact, that Mary Ann and my parents carpooled into work together.  I even when to high school with their daughter (who also now lives in Charlotte!).  Frank and Mary Ann moved down to Charlotte to be closer to their daughter last spring.  


Mary Ann, a wonderful flutist and now retired piccolo player of the Met, started playing with the CSO when we needed an extra flute. It was such a shock to see her, since its been almost 15 years since I last saw her!  Frank now plays organ (beautifully I might add) for the Church of the Holy Comforter on Park Rd.  Frank came to hear a recital I played a few weeks back and then asked me to play at his church!  Small world!


We played Marcel Grandjany's Aria in Classic Style for harp and organ for the Prelude and part of the Requiem by John Rutter for communion.  



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