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  • What is prelude and postlude music? Do I need it?
    Prelude and postlude music help set the tone and ambiance for the beginning and end of wedding ceremonies. I choose a light blend of classical music to play as the guests are entering (prelude) and exiting (postlude) the ceremony venue. Included in every wedding package is a 20 minute segment of prelude music and postlude music until the guests have exited. When I begin the prelude music, the mood in a room is completely transformed, providing a beautiful backdrop for your guests to mingle and feel welcomed as they arrive at your event. When I get a signal from the wedding coordinator, or see that the bridal party has lined up and is ready, I then seamlessly segue into the processional music!
  • Does the duration of my wedding affect the price?
    A flat rate is usually charged for any wedding ceremony, whether it is a short 20 minute ceremony or an hour long Catholic mass. There is a significant amount of time that goes into musical preparation, arranging of special music selections, communications, transporting the harp, set-up, and strike. For example, a 20 minute ceremony is at the very least, a least a two-hour day-of commitment for a harpist.
  • Do you play for the wedding rehearsal?
    Over the years I have found that it is not necessary for me to be at the wedding rehearsal. If you would like to add harp to the wedding rehearsal for an additional fee, please contact to see pricing and availability.
  • Do you play for cocktail hours and receptions?
    Yes, I often play at the cocktail hour but rarely for the dinner reception following the ceremony. For cocktail hours, I can select a blend of light classical, pop tunes, and love songs to set a fun atmosphere. I am only able to play the cocktail hour after the ceremony if both are in the same location.
  • How many pieces should I choose for my wedding ceremony?
    Good question! Check out my guide to Choosing Wedding Music on my Weddings page. Need more help? Contact Andrea for a virtual consultation! .
  • Can you play with other musicians?
    Yes! I love playing chamber music! Harp works best with violin, flute, or cello for weddings. I can add one other musician to any wedding ceremony package for an additional $250, or $400 for wedding ceremony and cocktail hour.
  • Can you play a specific piece?
    Yes! Do not be alarmed if you do not see your specific piece on the Listen page. My repertoire list is constantly growing. If you have a musical selection in mind, please contact me to see if it can be arranged for harp. After the complimentary first arrangement, I charge $50 per piece for arranging and playing pieces not found in my repertoire due to the time and skill required.
  • How do you dress for wedding ceremonies?
    I usually wear formal black, but I can happily wear a specific color to fit in with the bridal party. Evening gowns are also an option, just ask!
  • Do you need to know the exact length of the music needed in order to time each of the entrances?
    With my years of experience, I am able to assess and tailor each musical selection to the exact length needed based upon length of aisle and number of people processing. I can gracefully end a piece at exactly the right moment and quickly move on to the next without disturbing the ambiance of the wedding. Although a cue from a wedding consultant is helpful to determine when to switch pieces, it is not necessary.
  • Do you play for LGBTQ+ weddings?
    Absolutely! I would be honored to help you celebrate your love!
  • Can I hear you before booking?
    Yes! Please visit my extensive Listen page to hear various genres of my playing. You can also see plenty of recordings of my playing on my YouTube channel. I'm also happy to send videos of me playing a specific piece if its not available already. As always, the best place to listen to me play is a Charlotte Symphony concert!
  • What is the booking process?
    Once we have discussed availability and pricing, in order to secure your event in my calendar, a signed contract and 25% deposit is required. Then, I'll send you a worksheet to complete to choose which musical selections will be best for your event. If you need more personalized help, I'm happy to set up a virtual consultation. The remaining 75% balance is due the day before the event, no exceptions.
  • Are you able to play outdoors?
    Yes, I am able to play outdoor events, but with certain requirements. The harp needs a flat, dry surface on which to stand, preferably with a covering (gazebo, tent, etc.). I can play on grass, if given advanced notice so I can bring my decking tiles (very discreet, I promise). Generally, the harp takes up an area about the size of 4’ X4’. At the first sign of inclement weather (ex. rain, extreme heat, extreme cold), I will have to move the harp indoors for the safety and protection of the instrument. It is required to plan an alternate location in the event of rain or inclement weather. Due to the delicate nature of the instrument, I am unable to play outdoor events if the temperature is below 50ºF or above 90ºF. An additional fee to play outdoors may be applied to your event.
  • What are the limitations on where the harp can play?
    See outdoor question for limitations on outdoor playing. Generally, the harp can travel to most locations. I can lift the harp up a few stairs with the help of my harp cart, but a full flight of stairs is impossible and dangerous. Elevators, chair lifts, and ramps are incredibly helpful. The harp is unstable by nature, so I am only able to play on flat surfaces.
  • How far in advance can I book Andrea for my event?
    Due to my full time job as Principal Harp of the Charlotte Symphony, I generally cannot accept bookings more than 12 months in advance. The CSO publishes our schedule for the upcoming season (September - June) only 4 months prior in May. Therefore, it is best to wait until after May 1st to inquire about your wedding for the upcoming year. Most weddings are booked 4 to 6 months in advance. To check my availability, please fill out the form on the Contact page.
  • How far do you travel?
    I am based in the South Park area of Charlotte, North Carolina and play for the entire Charlotte area as well as the surrounding areas. A 35 mile radius is included within my flat rate for pricing. I am able to travel outside of the 35 mile radius for an additional mileage fee (IRS mileage rate + time), but due to my schedule with the Charlotte Symphony, I am unable to travel long distances on CSO concert days.
  • Do you accept credit cards?
    Yes, but there is an added booking fee of 3%. My preferred method of payment is through Venmo or Zelle.
  • How loud is the harp? Will it be heard at my event?
    The harp carries surprisingly well! For most occasions, the harp does not need amplification. The harp sound projects well and I can adjust my playing volume based on the venue space. If amplification is necessary, I can plug my harp into my portable Bose amp for an extra boost of sound. I can also play softly enough so that intimate gatherings are not over-powered by the sound of the harp.
  • Do you require any special equipment at the venue?
    Nope! I bring all my own equipment to events including a music stand, bench, and amp if needed. The only thing required is about a 4'x4' area of space on a flat surface.
  • How heavy is the harp? How do you move it?
    The harp is roughly 80 pounds and stands 74” tall. I have my own “harp car” (aka SUV) and am fully self-sufficient when transporting the instrument. I also use a harp cart/dolly to wheel around the harp. Check out my instagram video on how I load my harp into the car! Or this one of me packing up the harp to go to the CSO!
  • Do you take breaks? If so, how long?
    For wedding ceremonies, including the prelude and postlude, I do not take breaks. For events lasting more than an hour, I take a 5-7 minute break every 50 minutes unless otherwise noted in the contract. I can coordinate my breaks to coincide with a toast, speech, or other event that requires no music.
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