Backyard Wedding in Myers Park

When I hear the term "backyard wedding", I certainly dont think of the grandeur that Cynthia and Maron had at their wedding. Cynthia's sister has a stunning house in the heart of Myers Park. Her house, specifically her kitchen, is not only my dream house, but belongs on HGTV. So, of course, this backyard wedding was elegant and spacious and decorated so thoughtfully. Even with the tent up (the threat of Carolina summer storms is real, ya'll), this was a beautiful wedding! But, weddings aren't without their surprises. Halfway through her march down the aisle, Cynthia, being escorted by her teenage son, had to turn around and march back inside the house. Why? Because her son, also the rin

Outdoors at the Duke Mansion

Once again, I was lucky enough to play at the Duke Mansion. I LOVE the charm of this place, and, out of all the venues I've played at in Charlotte, I would choose this one for my hypothetical wedding. Even though you are in the heart of Charlotte, you cannot hear a single thing! It is like you're transported to the countryside. June in Charlotte can be brutal outdoors, and it definitely was! Even at 5pm, I was still drenched in sweat within 5 minutes of playing outdoors. The lucky guests got to stand inside in the AC until the last minute! The outdoor gardens of the Duke Mansion made a beautiful scene, even in the heat, for Ban and Jeff's wedding. How Ban still looked immaculate in hai

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