I didn't grow up a huge football fan. Hell, I didn't even understand the game until my boyfriend finally sat me down and explained it. I'm a baseball/softball girl through and through and think there is nothing better than beer and baseball at the BB&T ballpark watching our Knights. BUT, when your home team Carolina Panthers make it to the super bowl, you gotta get excited. God knows the CSO definitely did! The Broncos (boo) hometown Colorado Symphony challenged us (the other CSO) to a bet. Whoever won the Super Bowl has to conduct a piece in the winner's jersey. Naturally, we made a video to display our rivalry. On the day of filming, I stole one of my boyfriend's Panther's jerseys (s

Charlotte Today!

After the Charlotte Happenings article came out in February, I had the wonderful opportunity to promote it and the Charlotte Symphony on TV! I'd never been on a TV set before, let alone TV so I was in awe (in the completely nerdy star-struck way). It ended up being just a short 5 minute segment where I played in the background and the hosts talked about the magazine article. It was all over before I could blink, but it was a lot of fun. And, best of all, I saw the field for the soon-to-be-aired Puppy Bowl! Don't judge that I'm more excited for the Puppy Bowl than the actual Super Bowl....

Magazines and the art of smiling at nothing

Being in the CSO has its perks. Aside from the fact that I love my job and get to play harp for a living, I also get to promote the CSO. Sometimes this promoting is just talking to a reporter, or playing for a CSO donor event. This promotion though, took the cake. I was lucky enough to be chosen for the feature article in the February issue of Charlotte Happenings magazine, a product of the "Charlottes Got A Lot" organization. This article was all about local Charlotte artists and why they love Charlotte. I was featured alongside Jamie, a ballerina from Charlotte Ballet, and Ivan, the McColl Center's Artist in Residence. The phone interview was easy enough, In fact, I was still in my pa

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