During my time in Charlotte I've had the great luck to build an awesome studio of students. Last year, I had just 3 students, which was fine since I had a lot on my plate. My studio EXPLODED this year to 15 students and me teaching at 3 different colleges in the area. I'm finding teaching to be very rewarding! I'm constantly having to think about why I do what I do (harp technique-wise) and explain it. It is challenging, sometimes exhausting, but ultimately, makes my heart so happy. Recently, my students have been killing it with their performances! First, my Davidson College student, Elizabeth, performed an amazing senior recital! Next, my UNCC student, Tamar, played a beautiful and mo

Blast from the Past

I never expected to end up in Charlotte. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE it now, but as a northerner, I never expected to end up south of DC. Imagine my surprise when I reconnect with a lovely couple who have known me since before birth, in Charlotte, of all places! Frank and Mary Ann Archer worked closely with my parents at the Met Opera in New York. So close, in fact, that Mary Ann and my parents carpooled into work together. I even when to high school with their daughter (who also now lives in Charlotte!). Frank and Mary Ann moved down to Charlotte to be closer to their daughter last spring. Mary Ann, a wonderful flutist and now retired piccolo player of the Met, started playing with the C

Kick off to Wedding Season 2016

Wedding season here in Charlotte starts early and ends late, usually April-October for me. Must be because of the beautiful weather! Either way, its always good to get started, its gonna be a long season for me! From now until the time I leave for Colorado, every Saturday is filled with weddings, except for the weekends I'll be in PARIS (true vacation and I'm so excited!). I've never played at The Vineyard in Gastonia, but it was a beautiful room that works perfectly for slightly smaller weddings. Heck, the wedding ceremony and reception were in the same room, the just had to shift the chairs! I was contacted by the groom's Aunt Candyce. She was so sweet and a pleasure to work with. Be

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