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During my time in Charlotte I've had the great luck to build an awesome studio of students. Last year, I had just 3 students, which was fine since I had a lot on my plate. My studio EXPLODED this year to 15 students and me teaching at 3 different colleges in the area.

I'm finding teaching to be very rewarding! I'm constantly having to think about why I do what I do (harp technique-wise) and explain it. It is challenging, sometimes exhausting, but ultimately, makes my heart so happy.

Recently, my students have been killing it with their performances! First, my Davidson College student, Elizabeth, performed an amazing senior recital! Next, my UNCC student, Tamar, played a beautiful and moving performance of Ravel's Introduction & Allegro with her chamber group. To top it all off, my young student, Audrey, played her first live performance at the CSO's Lollipops pre-concert show!

All three of these students made me get goosebumps and I couldn't stop smiling.

Proud teacher :)

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