Harvey Gantt Center

Played for an event honoring Harvey Gantt last night at, of course, the Harvey Gantt Center in Uptown. It was a beautiful cocktail hour packed with people (I took the pictures before the doors opened up). I even had a conversation with a man (while playing!) who wanted to know all about the harp and how it worked. I love it when people genuinely are interested in the instrument and the music, and not just taking a picture to see how many "likes" they get on Instagram. That conversation, honeslty made my night! I'm so grateful to be involved in what was a very special celebration!

Hurricanes don't care about weddings

Usually I get brides that book me about 6 months in advance. Sometimes I get the last-minute bride that books me the week before (or even the day before). Even rarer is the bride and her mom who are so organized that she books me a year and a half in advance! Meagan and Mary were just this. So efficient and organized, it made me want to clean up my inbox (j/k that'll never happen) and bust out the vacuum cleaner. But, even with all their preparation for a beautiful outdoor wedding on the great lawn of the Ballantyne Country Club, Hurricane du jour didn't care and rained out Meagan's wedding. Luckily, she was smart enough to plan for a backup location (ALWAYS PLAN A RAIN LOCATION) and we

Rainy Days are here to stay (for now it seems)

A lot of the east coast is about to get slammed by a hurricane and Charlotte has already had almost 2 solid weeks of rain. Even so, Katie was determined to have her dream wedding outside, and, surprisingly, it worked! The cover over the brick patio at the Kilburnie Inn in Lancaster, SC was perfect for keeping the guests dry (but not my hands warm!). Even though Katie walked to the structure with an umbrella over her head, her spirts were so light that it radiated to each and every guest. After the wedding, I was able to take a quick tour of the Kilburnie Inn, which has a fantastic backstory (if you're interested, go talk to the owner...he's very nice!). I fell in love with the quaint B&B

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