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Foxcroft Open House

I've met many wonderful clients over my 7 years (has it really been that long already?) in Charlotte. I've played countless weddings, background music gigs, church services and everything in-between. Somewhere in those 7 years, I connected to all-star realtor Liza Caminiti and have been playing open houses for her since! The latest was a stunning mansion in the Foxcroft area.

When you entered the spacious foyer, you were immediately greeted by me in the sunken living room and ridiculously high ceilings playing some jazz standards, classical tunes, and broadway hits. For two hours, I played while high end brokers and their clients filtered in and out of the house. I love these open houses not only because I get to play something other than the standard wedding classics (love them, but a break is always good!), but because the brokers are always so appreciative of the live music and playing in a beautiful space always makes me happy. I even brought out my walnut and bronze harp, who rarely leaves the house, out for this event. Goes well with the decor, right? :)

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