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Catholic wedding at St. Vincent

Even though I grew up Catholic, I had no idea what a "Convalidation Ceremony" was. For all of you reading this who are also at a loss, it is a essentially a second wedding for a couple that orginially got married outside of the church, and now both parties are confirmed Catholics and may get married within the Catholic church. Florence converted to catholicism while her husband Brian grew up and was already confirmed Catholic.

Over the summer, my brother and new sister-in-law got married at a pretty conservative Catholic church with many foreign, to me, rituals during the mass. I was the maid of honor, and can honestly say, even with a Catholic background, was confused about 75% of the 2 hour mass. Brian and Florence's Catholic ceremony seemed like a cake walk in comparison! I was able to play lovely hymns as well as the traditional tunes like "Here Comes the Bride".

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