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The charm of St. Mary's Chapel

St. Mary's Chapel is one of my favorite wedding venues in Charlotte and truly a gem of the city. It's quaint, charming, and so intimate. It was the perfect place for Jon and Jennifer's wedding. I love seeing two people come together, but even more, two families. Jennifer's young daughter, Taylor, was the beautiful bridesmaid. Before the groom, Jon, gave a ring to Jennifer, his bride, Jon dropped to one knee and presented Taylor, Jennifer's daughter, with a beautiful necklace. He promised to love and take care of Taylor and her mom. I had never seen something like this in the ceremony and I even started to cry! Best wishes to your new combined family, Jon and Jennifer!

Seating of the Mothers: Sonata No. 3, Andante by F.J. Nadermann

Bridal Processional: Canon in D by Pachelbel

Unity Candle: Prelude in C by J.S. Bach

Recessional: Wedding March by Mendelssohn

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