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Wedding at the Ritz!

Not only is December Christmas time, but in recent years I've also been fortunate enough to play for weddings during the holiday season. Typical wedding season for me is April-October, but its nice to play them outside of those months. This lavish wedding at the Ritz in Uptown Charlotte was truly breathtaking. I've played in that ballroom before, but I barely recognized it due to the drastic transformation. Its amazing what the correct lighting and decorations can due for ambiance. I was lucky enough to also play with my colleagues, Carolina Chamber Players. For the prelude, we traded pieces on and off. We all were able to play the processional of Pachelbel's Canon in D.

Shortly after the 6pm ceremony, I had to run back to play the Nutcracker show at 7pm! I then had to run back to the Ritz at the intermission of Nutcracker to retrieve my harp and wheel it to the Belk (just across the street). I am so grateful to have multiple harps since harp moving can be a logistical nightmare. Often I have different harps in different locations of the city, just waiting for certain performances and gigs.

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