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Boyz II Men!

Very rarely do I get the night off from the symphony. Since there is only one harp (me) in the CSO, I am usually on every concert.

When I first heard that Boyz II Men was coming to sing with the CSO, my inner 90s child screamed and immediately got tickets for me and my boyfriend (an even bigger 90s R&B fan than I am). In the back of my mind, I knew there was only a small chance that I could sit in the audience for this show and that I would most likely be playing it instead. Don't get me wrong, both options are incredible, but for this one, I just wanted to be an audience member.

2 weeks before the show, our music librarian (who had just received the music from the band) tells me that there is NO HARP PART. HALLELUJAH!! I had an amazing night with my boyfriend and our friends (who are huge fans as well!). We sang along to all their songs and even got to sneak backstage (there are perks to being friends with the security guards) and get a picture with them!

Dream complete.

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